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Dear Hurt


By Tijuana J. Williams

It’s you again. I thought we were done. The last time you reared your ugly head, I told you you were not welcome here anymore. Seems you just don’t listen. Well maybe I did not make myself clear. Your presence is unwanted. I don’t even want to hear your name. Every time I turn on the television, you are there. You have become a regular on the front page of many well-known newspapers. As I wait in line at the local market, every magazine alludes to your existence in the world. Why can’t you just leave people alone? It seems every time you arrive, getting rid of you gets harder and harder. Why do you seem so powerful?

I recently met two of your adversaries. They seemed to know an awful lot about you. They told me I cannot keep you away but, I can limit your visitation. I never knew that before. They also told me you are not as powerful as you want the world to believe. I told them that sometimes even after you are gone, others like dejection, hopelessness, depression, even hatred stop by. They told me they can only enter if I choose to let them in.

Oh, you want to know who told me all these things about you? Who is “they”? Their names are Goodness and Mercy. See, the last time I mustered up enough strength to kick you out, I was looking for something to do to keep my mind off you. So I picked up this book and when I opened it, it said, “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life…” I looked around and there they were! Not sure why I never noticed them before. Probably because I was so focused on you. But you know what? I like them. Not only do they accept me for who I am, they help me become better. And every time I mention you, they never talk bad about you. They actually encourage me to tell others about life with you and life with them. I am often amazed at the number of people who know so much about you but so little about them. Every time I tell my story, someone cries. You taught me that tears signify pain. Goodness and Mercy have taught me that tears also symbolize cleansing. As I look into the eyes of those people, it seems your memory is being washed away.

So Hurt, I guess our “get togethers” haven’t been all bad. You have taught me a lot. I never thought your presence in my life could bring any good, but I was wrong. Because we have become so well acquainted, I can tell people all about you. I am grateful your foes have become my friends. I am sure you will unexpectedly return again one day. Just know that anything you do or say will be used against you.

Until we meet again,


P.S. Goodness and Mercy recently introduced me to Love and Forgiveness. They were looking for somewhere to reside. So I let them live in my heart.

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