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Don’t Give Up On the Process


By Tijuana J. Williams

Over the last couple of weeks, I have found myself reflecting on the year’s successes, failures, seized opportunities and those I missed, in an effort to ensure I make the most of the months that remain. I’ve thought about moments when I embraced where God has me.

Good moments like writing my first children’s book, helping women find their purpose, speaking engagements, my vision party, even having some of my writings published. Things I never saw coming! But I also mulled over how I handled those times when life did not line up with my expectation. There were times when I allowed frustration to overwhelm me. Times when I frowned because it did not look or feel like God was “working all things together for my good.” Even times, after hearing God’s promises for my life, I wanted to give up on “the process.”

You see, everyone is talking about this thing called “the process” but few are equipping us with the tools necessary to stand with unwavering faith as we go through it. One thing I’ve learned this year is when you pursue God’s purpose for your life, “the process” is quite unpredictable.

Pastor Sheryl Brady confirmed this as I read a transparent account of “the process” in her life in Dr. Samuel Chand’s book, Leadership Pain. She tells of her and her husband starting a ministry in Nashville. Over time, the ministry did not flourish the way they expected and led to depression, feelings of defeat, even financial hardship. They prayed that “the process’” expiration date would come sooner than later and at times wanted to quit.

After much prayer, time, and sacrifice, the Brady’s realized God’s purpose was not for them to plant a flourishing church; instead, “the process” was intended to make them better leaders. God’s greatest lesson in that season of their lives was to teach them how to and how not to lead in ministry.

Brady says, “I thought my painful position would destroy me, but it was really just a place for my personal preparation.” Today, Pastor Brady serves as the pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas.

Oftentimes, the path to our destiny is contrary to everything we think it should be. Just when we think we are going to ease on down the road, potholes, barricades, and detours we never saw coming begin to appear.

Let me warn you to not make the mistake I have made. There were times when I allowed Satan to use “the process” against me. With every pothole, Satan told me God was not for me. With each barricade, he tried to convince me to give up. With every detour, the enemy attempted to comfort me by telling me a glass half full was better than no glass at all. But I’ve learned half full versus half empty is irrelevant when you know God has promised you overflow!

In the days, months, and years to come, don’t give up on “the process.” This year may have already presented a number of challenges and I will be honest with you, other challenges will come, but each experience we go through is called a life lesson because the knowledge you gain is not only for today, but for life! Know that God is simply preparing you for greater!

Remember, this year will only unveil a new you if you allow the lessons learned during “the process” to make you better instead of bitter.

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