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Eliminate the Middleman


By Tijuana J. Williams

We go through many seasons in our lives. I believe each one represents a period of transition. Relationships begin and end . . . transition. We get hired and then are promoted . . . transition. From being single to married with children . . . transition.

Life is full of changes. We even transition spiritually. In church, we sometimes call it going from milk to meat. This simply means we go from knowing the basics about our God to having a genuine, loving relationship with Him. For years now, I have embraced the loving relationship I have with my heavenly Father, but our relationship currently seems to be in transition.

Allow me to share my heart . . .

Since I was young, I have been able to hear the voice of God. This does not mean I have always obeyed, but I knew when He was speaking to me.  His voice has saved me from car accidents. It gave me peace as I stood beside three of my grandparents during their last hours on earth. His voice has even warned me about bad relationships. And it was His voice that confirmed my Boaz had arrived. There have been times when God’s voice conflicted with my plans and I chose to do things my own way. How ridiculous it seems now. Choosing no knowledge over The All Knowing. Choosing the created over the Creator. Choosing sight over Truth. But even during those times, God was patient with me. He continued to instruct me by sending His Word over and over again.

My pastor would preach about what I was going through. While waiting in a checkout line, random strangers would strike up a conversation that would address my concern. Once my college professor, unknowingly, used an illustration during his lecture that was all about me and my issue. I guess that was my Gideon season (Judges 6).

Now let’s fast forward a couple of years. I still hear God clearly, but this is where the transition begins to unfold. Lately, I’ve noticed when He gives me direction, He doesn’t send a million additional messages to confirm what He has said. Instead, I hear His still, small voice and then, there is silence. I know He is there. I know He loves me. And because He knows I have heard Him loud and clear, He waits. The first time I experienced this, I tried to revert to my Gideon season. I wanted another sign before I moved forward, but no sign materialized.

As I shared my frustration with a friend who asked me, “Why do you need man to confirm what God has spoken to you? Without help from God, man is incapable of confirming or denying anything. Eliminate the middleman and just trust God.” I still hear those words ringing in my ear every time God speaks and I hesitate. My friend was right.

Now when God speaks, I don’t look for anyone in the checkout line to confirm what He has spoken nor do I sit down in the pews on Sundays and wait for God’s Word to be substantiated by man. My responsibility is to listen, obey, and follow where He leads me.

I am grateful for this new season, but I must admit the transition has been challenging. My greatest struggle has been accepting that my natural eyes are useless. As we all transition into a new year, don’t be surprised if this begins to happen to you too. If it does, I challenge you to eliminate the middleman and obey without hesitation.

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