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Try these New Year’s resolutions


By Samuetta Hill Drew

Every year millions of Americans make New Year Resolutions. They promise themselves a new beginning, a fresh start on old promises such as losing weight, exercising regularly, spending less, saving more, paying off credit card debts and the list continues to go on and on.

Yes, New Year Resolutions are easy to make, but often hard to keep. They become empty broken promises we’ve made to ourselves. Why are so many people easily taken off course from achieving wonderful promises which will, in many cases, improve their quality of life?

The reasons are sometimes simple. One reason is it requires many people to change their pattern of life. It is a pattern which is familiar, comfortable and requires little or no effort.

Another reason is many bite off more than they can chew. They make unrealistic goals and try to do too much.

Let me encourage you not to fall prey to making and keeping personal safety resolutions. They can be both a life changer and a life saver.

This article will identify a few general resolutions you may want to include this year. It is important for you to review your/family lifestyle and determine the best ones to improve your/family overall personal safety. It could be a topic the entire family may wish to discuss together.

Resolution No. 1 – Make sure you develop or update your home disaster recovery and preparedness kit. Naturally it will differ from home to home based on your particular needs, but there are some general items everyone should include in their kit. These items are a flashlight with working and extra batteries, a blanket, as well as enough food and water for at least 72 hours. Others include pet food for your pets and a first aid kit along with any prescription medications.

Resolution No. 2 – You must have operable smoke detectors properly placed through your home. It is critical to the safety of everyone living in your home. They should be located near the bedroom areas and on each level of your home. Contact your local fire department for any assistance regarding the type of detector and their proper placement, if you’re unsure.

Resolution No. 3 – Don’t text and drive. According to the National Safety Council, 1.6 million auto accidents occurred in the U.S. last year related to using a cell phone or texting while driving. One recommendation to help is to keep your phone out of reach like in your purse, or
coat pocket.

Resolution No. 4 – Washing your hands often is important always, but especially during the flu or cold season. Wash your hands or keep hand sanitizer handy. Keep one in your vehicle and your purse. Use it after you’ve touched commonly handled items like door knobs, gasoline pumps, etc.

Resolution No. 5 – Make sure you Keep an Eye on Safety always whenever you’re traveling or at home. Use the safety for yourself and your family as motivation to make and keep your personal safety resolutions for 2017 and beyond.

Happy New Year and make this your safest year ever!