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The leaks are real; the reporting is fake

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

By Dr. Jesse Lewis Sr.

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

This is the statement Donald Trump made at his last press conference. When you face up to reality, the article that was written by the press was based solely on the leaks. Which means, the information that they put out was fake.

Donald Trump made statements regarding a possible terror-related incident that occurred in Sweden. He states, “We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what happened last night in Sweden.” The Swedish Embassy is unclear about what the president is referring to, and has asked for clarity.

In typical Trump fashion, the president took to his Twitter account to explain the comments he made about the events in Sweden. He explained that he was referring to a Fox News segment by Tucker Carlson. In this segment, he interviewed right-wing filmmaker Ami Horowitz regarding his recent documentary about Sweden’s refugee policy. This particular segment did not contain any breaking news related to terrorism.

The American people have not figured out that Donald Trump, the President of the United States’ main objective is to be King Trump; and put himself in a position where he can only be replaced by family members.

He is close to Vladimir Putin for two reasons: 1. Putin has some information on Trump that he does not want the people of the United States to know about. More than likely, it has something to do with his business activities or some sort of sexual activities; and, 2. he is taking a page out of Putin’s repertoire on how to become a dictator.

There are two steps you take, the first is to destroy the media by stating over and over again that the media is your enemy, and I am going to establish another media outlet that will be your friend. The second step is to convince all of his constituents that he can do more for them by being king than he can by being president.

Many of Trump’s most dedicated supporters feel as if their lives changed on election night. They suddenly began to feel like their views were actually respected and in the majority. Now, many of his supporters say they once again feel under attack. Since the election, they have unfriended some of their liberal relatives or friends on Facebook. They feel as though they are cheering on a successful administration, and cannot understand why major media outlets do not see that same success. In addition, they are frustrated that Democrats, and even some Republicans, are too slow to approve some of the president’s nominees and too quick to protest his every move.

Time will tell as to whether or not Trump will be able to keep his diehard, dyed-in-the-wool supporters, which is about 39 percent of the total population. Within the next six months, if he has not brought some jobs in the coal mining industry to Pennsylvania and Kentucky his constituents will have some great concern. My guess is that they will still give him a pass because what he will say, and they are going to believe it, is that the dishonest media and the
liberal Democrats are the ones that stopped him from bringing good paying jobs to their cities and towns.

Trump will never be criticized by anyone in the Republican party with the exception of Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain. The House of Representatives, especially the Republicans, are afraid of Trump. They have to run in 2018, and if they do not support his agenda, he can destroy them with a tweet. The only race of people that are not afraid of Trump is black people. Their thought process and the reality is that nothing can happen to them that has not happened before, and they’ll survive it.