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Why the shock? Trump living up to promises

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

By Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr. 

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

It is amazing to me as to why the media and everyone else is so shocked regarding the executive orders Trump has signed in the last 3-4 days. If you recall what he said during his campaign, Trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. He announced many of his day one promises and plans for the first 100 days in his “contract with the American voter” speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania last October.

While on the campaign trail, Trump promised that he would take steps to build a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border, seek term limits on members of Congress, institute lobbying bans on former lawmakers, and begin to suspend immigration from terror-prone regions.

When asked about Trump’s plan to build the wall, communications director Sean Spicer replied, “I think that the president has noted that this was a serious priority of his throughout the campaign. He has already started to work with Congress on the appropriations avenue of that. And so he is doing everything he can to direct agencies and Congress to commence with that work as soon as possible.”

We all know two things about Donald Trump: he has thin skin, and he has an image problem. He consistently criticizes the media for writing his direct quotes. He also criticizes the media for editorializing his stance on various issues. Donald Trump has convinced everyone that he can do everything better than anyone. His ultimate goal is to undo everything that Barack Obama started or finished during the eight years he was in office. Then he has to convince everyone that he can do it better.

Donald Trump spent three days trying to convince everyone that he had a larger crowd at his inauguration than did Barack Obama. It is very obvious that he did not. The answer is, what difference does it make? His thought process is that he wants to go down in history doing things bigger than anyone else.

There are three issues, however, that I thoroughly agree with Donald Trump on. First, where were those 3 million women who were out protesting Trump’s executive order on voting day? Keeping in mind that 54 percent of white women in America voted for Trump, had they turned up and voted in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, Hillary Clinton would have been president. The second thing I agree with Trump on is his approach on big businesses and small businesses. His approach to make sure that America comes first is the right idea. I agree with him on returning jobs to America. Third, I agree with Trump in that we need to get rid of some of these dumb regulations that will hold up the process of bringing more jobs to America.

I happen to believe that most people who live in America would like to see the president succeed. If he succeeds, we all prosper; if he fails, we all suffer.


Afterthought: Several weeks ago I wrote that Clemson would beat Alabama. I am so sorry that I was right. I happen to think that New England is going to beat Atlanta by at least 10 points. I sure hope that I am wrong. I also believe that it is going to be a high scoring game. The score will be 31-21 in favor of New England.