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Deno Posey: Banker by day; comedian by night

By Je’Don Holloway Talley
For the Birmingham Times

Deno Posey is a banker by day and a comedian by night.

Denorrise “Deno” Posey may be one of the few comedians in Birmingham whose day job pays as much as, if not more than, his side hustle of making people laugh. Deno, you see, is a Regions Bank executive by day and comedian by night. And he’s good at both.

“It’s fun because during the day I get to be this conservative banker and at night I get to have a whole new alter ego in terms of being a comedian,” Deno once told the Birmingham Times.

Deno’s name is often mentioned along with some of Birmingham’s renowned funnymen—actor and radio personality Rickey Smiley; actor and late-night TV correspondent Roy Wood Jr.; business owner and promoter Bennie “Bennie Mac” Holmes; and 95.7 JAMZ radio personality Jermaine “FunnyMaine” Johnson.

Deno, 54, made his first official comedy debut more than 14 years ago in a local competition and won the 2011 Open Mic Finale at The StarDome comedy club. He remains a draw at philanthropic engagements, banquets, and corporate events throughout the Magic City.

“How Cool Is This?”

Deno has also worked with actors Chris Tucker and Rob Schneider and been the opening act for blues legend Bobby Blue Bland and local R&B artist Ruben Studdard. One of his fondest memories, however, is when he went on the road with fellow comedian Sinbad.

“I’m driving one night, and Sinbad is following me because we’re going somewhere to get chicken wings,” said Deno. “The whole time I’m thinking, ‘I’ve got Sinbad following me to get chicken wings. How cool is this?’”

The Bush Hills native, who has been with Regions for more than three decades, also moonlights as a singer in the Living Dream Band, a talent that seems to run in his family. A relative, Dominique Posey, made it to the Top 25 during this season’s “American Idol” television show.


Deno seamlessly blends music and comedy at Hoover’s Perfect Note live-entertainment venue, where he is a regular and sometimes serves as an emcee. He describes his comedy as “life-relative.” A lot of his material comes from his family—his wife, Sophia; three sons, Eddie, Tyler, and Denorrise II; daughter Macy; and his grandchildren.

“It’s always clean,” he told the Birmingham Times. “Eighty percent of what’s funny is the truth. We all have things that we do, and we think we’re the only ones doing it. When I point out that I do it, too, it becomes funny.”

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