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Niki Beck
Compiled by Erica Wright

One of the most important things we can do in society is help one another. We asked area residents, Why is it important to give back to others?

Lenora Battle

Lenora Battle: “I feel that it’s humbling and I was raised to believe… that in order to get a blessing you have to be a blessing and the more you have the more you should try to give back because then you are blessed more… I think it’s important that we do community service and help out people that are less fortunate than we are.”

Robert Rowland

Robert Rowland: “If you don’t, you won’t be rewarded in the future. You have to do unto others as you would have them do unto you… it keeps the community going and that’s what we’re here for anyway.”

William Gaines

William Gaines: “It’s a giant circle of what happens to you is going to happen to other people, so you always want to keep the circle going so everyone is getting what they need and what they want.”

Niki Beck

Niki Beck: “I think it produces something inside of you that kind of brings you a little bit more fulfillment and investment in the community and in the lives of those around you… all in all it just helps the whole community come together.”