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Darla Allen
Compiled by Erica Wright

With three months remaining in 2018 time is running out to complete any goals or projects. We asked Birmingham area residents, is there anything you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

Sarah King

Sarah King: “I just started a new job and I would like to excel in my career and also get more involved in the community and take advantage of how cool Birmingham is and everything it has to offer.”

Darla Allen

Darla Allen: “I want to become a homeowner before the end of the year because I’ve been looking for places to invest . . . I really want to get a foreclosure so I can flip it . . .  but I want somewhere to live first and have that be my springboard.”

Vanessa Wynne

Vanessa Wynne: “I would like to pay off . . . my credit card bill so I can have a little bit more financial freedom and not have to worry about that debt anymore.”

Erika Fields

Erika Fields: “I would like to have my real estate license because I’m looking for financial growth. I think investing in houses and possibly becoming an agent will allow me to do that so, hopefully I will have my license before the year ends.”