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Lily Sudduth
Compiled by Ameera Steward

It’s special for everyone and there’s one we probably remember most. We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s been a memorable birthday for you?

Leandria Burroughs

Leandria Burroughs: “When I turned 40 we took a family Disney cruise to the Bahamas . . . and my daughter was 8 so we really did it for her. And it was just great seeing the people of the Bahamas, I just felt like I was home.”

Harrison Martin

Harrison Martin: “I was studying abroad at the time, so I actually got to spend my 21st birthday in Paris. I got to go see night clubs, we went to the Eiffel Tower, I just remember the first club we could get into we went and we basically just danced and drink . . . until the sun came up.”

Lily Sudduth

Lily Sudduth: “Probably this last one. I’m in nursing school at UAB and I had a clinical on my birthday, and it was a 12-hour shift. And when I got back home, my husband had a few friends there, and surprised me, and made it special.”

Gary Burdy

Gary Burdy: “When we adopted our daughter, best birthday gift I ever had … so every birthday we celebrate her adoption day too. November 23, so I just celebrated … she’s 19 now.”