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Elaine Bibens
Compiled by Erica Wright

Some New Year’s resolutions aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Or are they? We asked Birmingham area residents, Are New Year’s resolutions worth making?

Tasha Fisher

Tasha Fisher: “Not for me, I’ve never managed to successfully maintain them. I’ve made them time after time and can never just seem to see it through, so it’s not for me, but for some people it works out.”

Elaine Bibens

Elaine Bibens: “I think they’re worth making, but at the same time I feel like you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to make your resolutions. You should start right where you are, and not make the excuse of waiting until the New Year to get started.”

Jennifer Skates

Jennifer Skates: “I think it’s worth making if the person making them believes that it is worth it. It’s going to be about the individual person’s motivation to see and follow it through . . . it can set yourself up for disappointment and some people are aware of that and that’s why they don’t make them.”

Lindsey Brooksbank

Lindsey Brooksbank: “I usually make New Year’s resolutions and most of the time, I follow through with them depending on what they are, but I look at resolutions as more of a goal I want to accomplish for that year and that keeps me motivated to follow through.”