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Elijah Davis
Compiled by Erica Wright

We all learn from our mistakes. What is a life lesson that has made you a better person?

Robby Wise

Robby Wise: “When I deal with mistakes I kind of roll with the punches. I always know that the project, or whatever, has to get finished so I usually understand that even if my thought process was from A to B, if the final answer ends up being C, I’m still going to work through it until I get to that finished product.”

Alia Carter

Alia Carter: “I’ve learned not to dwell on my mistakes . . . but see them as lessons that I can learn from. Yes, they may suck and may be horrible and awful and one of those things that can keep you up at night but look at it as a life lesson that you’ve learned from and keep moving forward.”

Elijah Davis

Elijah Davis: “A few years ago, there was a campus protest at UAB and I was not thrilled with the strategy of the protest and I took it upon myself to offer admonishment and it was not taken well. A dear friend pulled me to the side and said ‘stop and consider that there are other ways to accomplish what you want to accomplish than being out in front.’

Michelle Belcher

Michelle Belcher: “I saw a quote once that said, ‘don’t judge a person by their season’ . . . you can judge someone by their season at the time and they seem they’re doing very well and you don’t know how they got there or you can do the opposite, you can judge them by their season when they’re not doing so well.