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Desire Crumb
Compiled by Erica Wright

The Birmingham Iron football kicked off its season on Sunday with a convincing victory. We asked area residents, Can the Iron succeed?

George Stegall

George Stegall: “Yeah, I think they can. I think with most of the other pro teams [in Birmingham that failed], it was the league and not necessarily the team. The Birmingham Barracudas is one that I think of when it comes to that, I think the whole league folded, but I don’t think it was a team problem so I think if the Birmingham Iron has enough support, they can succeed.”

Desire Crumb

Desire Crumb: “If they recruit local players like players that used to play at Alabama, Auburn, and UAB who didn’t quite make it in the NFL and local players I believe they’ll gain a local following. I also think the time is just right, it’s a really good time for Birmingham and in the past it might not have been the right time, so I have a good feeling about this time and this team.”

David Seamon

David Seamon: “I think it can succeed. I think this is a good time for football. I think it’s a sports town, we’re in the South. I think the difference between this and other sports teams that have failed is the fact that Birmingham is different now . . . there’s these thoughts of ‘why not Birmingham? Why can’t we be this?’ I don’t think it’s necessarily what the sports team could do or not do, but I think the culture around it has changed and that makes it right for something new and exciting.”

Clint Kirby

Clint Kirby: “I think the team can succeed. I think it needs to capitalize on the extreme loyalty that everybody has and all the momentum that downtown has generated and just the excitement and if they’re able to kind of piggyback off that and even getting some UAB football players, Samford, Auburn, Alabama players on the roster because people are crazy about college football here . . . people complain about it not being enough stuff to do here but if [you] don’t support what’s brought here then we’ll never have anything.”