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Mary Lou Davis
Compiled by Erica Wright

There’s just something about the joy of a first vehicle. We asked Birmingham area residents, What was your first car and what happened to it?

Connie Pickens

Connie Pickens: “A blue Nova. I ended up selling it to a guy that was working with me because I moved to Detroit. I got that car in the ‘80s and I was in my 20s at the time. I loved that car because my great aunt, the people that she worked for, gave her that car and she gave it to me and I thought that was so nice.”

Jody Lecheler

Jody Lecheler: “A Chevrolet Tracker and I got a new one. I got that car in 2006 for my 16th birthday and it took me through high school and then undergrad and I got a new car once I graduated from college.”

Mary Lou Davis

Mary Lou Davis: “A VW Rabbit convertible and I took it to school at Auburn and I threw my mountain bike in the back and wind surfer in the back and I just destroyed that poor thing . . . I got it when I was a teenager, my dad got it for me as a surprise so it was a nice surprise but I loved that car.”

Melanie Magee

Melanie Magee: “A Datsun Station Wagon and I think I hit it on like three corners and the last corner was a tree so I think that was the end of that. I was a teenager [and] got it before I went to college.”