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Eric Bennett
Compiled by Erica Wright

With Women’s History Month coming to an end we asked Birmingham-area residents, name a woman in history you would like to meet.

Ashley Tran

Ashley Tran: “I would definitely want to meet Rosa Parks. She stood up for what was right. She knew when to stand up and I don’t think I would have had that same courage in her time because there were so many repercussions. She could have easily gotten lynched or murdered for what she did but she stood up and I think that was pretty fundamental in where we are now.”

Eric Bennett

Eric Bennett: “The easiest answer for just strength, tenacity and the full bit is Harriet Tubman, someone who went all in and helped other people reach freedom . . . but like the scientist in me also would have loved to meet Marie Curie because to be in a completely male dominated field and . . . do what she does or did would just be awesome.”

Leeanne Callahan

Leeanne Callahan: “I would love to meet Condoleezza Rice just because she’s a Birmingham native. She is very active in politics and I would love to ask her questions about working in the White House and working as a professor at a major college in the United States. She is also very involved in sports, she loves football, she loves Alabama football and to play golf, so I think she would be a good person to meet and talk to. She’s also a musician, she plays the piano so I think she would be a very interesting person to be friends with.”

Emma Farnlacher

Emma Farnlacher: “I would have loved to meet First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. During the Great Depression, she was a leader and I would like to meet her and see what her other ideas were regarding leadership. She was very active in politics and as a First Lady and I just think she’s one of the greatest women in history.”