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Michelle Heard
Compiled by Erica Wright

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, we asked Birmingham-area residents, What three things describe your mother and why?

Jamishia Hampton

Jamishia Hampton: “My mom is a servant leader, a woman of faith and just overall beautiful. She dedicates her life to others and she allows her faith, and her knowledge of the Word, to drive what she should do . . . and what direction to go . . . she raised us like that and does that with everybody she comes across.”

Tamorya Jones

Tamorya Jones: “She is a child of God, determined, and a caregiver. Growing up, she has always taught me and my brothers about the Word of God and then she lived it, she was that example for us. I watched my mom continually elevate herself whether it was in her career or education and basically set that example for me as a black woman. She is always caring for everybody and leaving herself last.”

Michelle Heard

Michelle Heard: “My mother is resourceful because she came to the U.S. on her own from Central America with two children and she made it and we’re all accomplished and happy and a really close family. She is timeless because she’s beautiful on any day, at any age and always fashionable. She is also persevering because she has overcome lots of challenges in her life and she’s never let it set her back and has always found a way or reason to laugh.”

Giuliana Russo-Skinner

Giuliana Russo-Skinner: “My mother is Italian, religious and she is super generous. She’s Italian because I was born and raised in Italy so that’s the first thing people usually say because when it comes to Italians there’s so much that goes into that – she’s loud, she’s intrusive, she’s your typical Italian mama bear. She’s very religious, she’s Catholic and [that’s] been a very important thing in her life. She’s very generous. She’s a selfless person and she sacrificed a lot for me and my sister to raise us right.”

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