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Compiled by Ameera Steward

America has a rich history and we asked Birmingham area residents, What period in our nation’s history would you like to have lived?

Quinn Pippens

“I love the time period I’m living in now because we’re in the age of information more than ever, and I feel like as a person of color we have more access to information and we’re . . . understanding the climate of America better.

Caitlyn Carter

“I would have wanted to live, as a child, in the Great Depression…you knew you didn’t have money but it’s what everybody else was going through too.”

Dalvin McCollum

“The ’50s because it was a pivotal point in history, it’s similar to where we are now but it’s a lot different so I feel like I . . . so I would like to be a part of the civil rights movements and good music, like soul music . . . I would look forward to being able to go see Sam Cook.”

Brittany McManus

“The ’60s . . . I would say anytime during that time – it was just so free, and everything was changing, you could start being yourself for the first time, so I really like that.”