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Compiled by Erica Wright

With Memorial Day behind, it’s time to think ahead. We asked Birmingham-area residents, What was your most memorable summer vacation or summer?

Ebony Howard: “When my family and I went to Hawaii (in 2017). It’s a very beautiful place with lots of beautiful water, great people . . . we climbed down the side of a mountain into a tide pool that was right next to the ocean and swam with little small creatures. [My son was three years old at the time] and it was just cool to see that beauty through his eyes and to experience that with him and my husband.”

Dana Ulrich: “My grandmother’s family emigrated from Sweden and they moved to Iron Mountain, Michigan . . . so every August we would pack up the car and drive up there as a family and it was just very peaceful and serene and it made me feel connected to my heritage and it was very sweet.”

Kiersten Atkinson: “After my husband and I were married in California (in 2001) we drove across the states to see state parks, national parks. We camped all over the place. We went up to Oregon, Wyoming and South Dakota. We really just experienced the United States and its beauty and it was just a wonderful memory that we share.”


Brandee Lucas: “I like every summer because it’s a time where me and my family go to the beach, we go to the pool, spend time as a family and take little trips all over and that’s our summer. I just enjoy being able to spend time with my family and go on trips and just have that time to really bond . . . that you sometimes don’t get throughout the rest of the year.”