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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, If you could teach any college course what would it be and why?

Melinda Landers: “A course on interviewing and career skills. I know a lot of colleges have career centers, but a lot of students don’t always know or access them, so I think a course on resume writing, interviewing, how to dress and all of that would be helpful to every student.”

Muriel Tarver: “Theater and the arts because it’s important for people to laugh. Entertainment is necessary for life. I think that we have to have the core subjects like math and science and history and all of that other stuff, but all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl so entertainment is very important.”

Desiree Cooley: “Skills like housekeeping so people can learn how to cook, balance their checkbooks and maybe even change their tire. I would teach the basic skills that kids aren’t getting anymore because those skills are important for survival.”

Trenika Blevins: “Finance 101. Today, so many people get into debt, have debt or accumulate debt, I think when students graduate and are starting out they have to make money and I think they need to know how to manage that money — so I would definitely teach a finance course.”