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Drew: Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun and Stay Cool This Summer

By Samuetta Hill Drew

Summer is the time of year individuals, as well as families, like to take advantage of the outdoors, school closures and have fun! With temperatures in the mid-90s coupled with a heat index in triple digits it is important to identify ways to have fun while staying hydrated and cool. We’ve discussed in earlier articles some cooling and fun outdoor water activities many participate in during this time of year such as snorkeling, swimming and boating. Well, suppose your wallet does not allow you to travel this year to select destination sites to engage in these activities or what if you’re just seeking additional summer fun activities while at home. This is the article for you! This final article on staying cool while having fun during the sweltering heat of summer will list some safe fun summer activities you may want to do.

  • What about turning your backyard into a water theme park? It’s easy and inexpensive to create. Children and adults both like running and playing in the sprinkler. Start by using your sprinkler. Use a kiddie pool and inexpensive water toys like water guns, water balloons (you can play water balloon baseball) and/or slip n’ slide type games. Carefully create different water zones for loads of fun. Make sure the zone areas are clear of any type of debris such as glass, rocks, etc., not located in a potentially dangerous areas like by the grill and have adequate adult supervision. Use both sunscreen and insect repellant, as needed.
  • Bake or purchase your favorite type of large cookie. Then make or purchase your favorite flavor of ice cream.  If you baked the cookies allow them to cool and your ice cream to soften a little. Spread a fun colorful plastic tablecloth over your kitchen table, lay out the necessary ingredients to make ice cream sandwiches. You may wish to purchase some candy sprinkles or candy bars to smash into smaller pieces to decorate the sides of your ice cream sandwiches. Place in the freezer compartment until firm before serving. It’s a fun activity where the participants can actually eat the leftovers while creating their favorite ice cream sandwich.
  • When was the last time your block or neighborhood had a bike parade? Encourage children in your local neighborhood, church or block to sign up. You can either provide streamers, stickers and/or flags or have the children purchase their own. They will use them to decorate their bikes with their parent’s permission. Select a time when it’s still light but the sun has start setting. A time maybe between 4 – 6:30 p.m. Have the children’s parents’ line both sides of the street applauding and cheering while the children ride their bikes down a predetermined short route. Have cool treats at the end of the parade for everyone to enjoy! Note it should not be a competition, merely pure summer fun.
  • What about eating your dinner outside one evening. Get a huge blanket(s), a cooler, some fun sun hats/caps, board games and have a family picnic in your backyard. Keep your menu simple with grab and go items like chips, sandwiches, water and even your newly made ice cream sandwiches. This is another simple and safe way to have an inexpensive summer fun activity.
  • Lastly, have you ever considered a Stay-cation?  Renting a hotel room in your own city. You can lounge around the hotel pool, take advantage of its restaurant or others nearby and rent movies in your room while snacking on treats of your choosing.

Keeping an Eye on Safety during the summer heat doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be fun, cool and inexpensive.