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Compiled by Ameera Steward

We asked Birmingham area residents, which profession does not get enough credit or respect?

Charles Gordon

“Teachers. I think they have such an arduous task of [helping to] raise the youth and to know what they [may] face…teachers have to not only give things of substance but they have to be life coaches [and] I think sometimes teachers have to [deal with]…different dynamics of families. I think [we should] appreciate their efforts and whatever way we can support, we must.”

Elizabeth Cornelius

“Fast food workers. I feel like they are an underrepresented group and they’re constantly looked down upon but yet we all order fast food … I think a lot of times we marginalize people who provide service in some way…but we should respect them…and be an advocate for them because they work hours just like everyone else…sometimes the whole time on their feet…or they have to listen to people who are mean.”

Julie Preskitt

“Teachers, especially early childhood teachers. I think people don’t recognize the importance of the birth to five years of age early childhood time…they really think that it’s just about playing with children or babysitting them…generally the public doesn’t understand how important it is. [To do a better job of respecting the profession] the general public should be educated about how important that time is in the life of a child.”

Ashlee Ammons

“Any profession that a woman is in, any leadership profession that a woman is in. It’s not an altruistic feeling, it’s just data…it takes women longer to progress in their jobs, it takes women longer to fund raise for capital for their business, oftentimes because they’re underestimated but we outperform…Women are important, we are moving things forward, we have been always…and we need to start to not ask, but demand the respect that we ought to get in the workplace and otherwise.”