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City Council names bridge in honor of Titusville’s Iva Williams Jr.

Birmingham City Councilor Crystal Smitherman (right) and Iva Williams Jr. (left). The council named a bridge in Titusville after Williams. (Erica Wright Photos, The Birmingham Times)
By Erica Wright
The Birmingham Times 

Iva William Jr. was recognized by the Birmingham City Council on Tuesday for his civic and community work and will have a bridge in Titusville named in his honor. (Erica Wright Photos, The Birmingham Times)

The Birmingham City Council on Tuesday voted to name the underpass bridge on 6th Ave. South in Titusville after Iva Williams Jr. who is well-known for his corporate leadership roles in the city.

 “We are honoring Mr. Iva Williams Jr. because he is a pioneer, he was able to break down the color barriers so that people of all races could be employed and make a difference in the corporate world,” said Councilor Crystal Smitherman. “I am very thankful for people like this who reside in my district and I think it’s overdue for honoring him.”

Williams has worked in corporations such as U.S. Steel Corporation and Southern Company.

“He is admired as an individual who contributes his time and loving spirit whenever needed. He is quite active in the community, his memberships and affiliations with civic and religious organizations vary,” said Smitherman. 

Williams gave credit to others including “his church members (Sixth Avenue Baptist Church) and community folks who came out today, this means a lot and I really appreciate this,” he said.  

Councilor John Hilliard said it was well deserved. 

“You are a very distinguished man, you’ve worked in the community and I’ve known of you and your work for many years,” said Hilliard. “Your footprint has been made on a national level . . . I really appreciate having an opportunity to sit and listen to you over the years and see the service and the work you have laid out in our community.”

Councilor Steven Hoyt said, “I’ve learned in this life that humility is not in the giving, but it’s in the receiving and you show great humility when you allow people to celebrate you, thank you for your humility.”

In other business, the council confirmed the final appointments of Carlos Olimond and Isaac Cooper to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute board. Olimond’s term will expire September 1, 2020 and Cooper’s will expire September 1, 2022. Last week, the council confirmed 17 appointments to the BCRI board.

Also, absentee voting is now underway for the Tuesday, October 8, special election for the renewal of property taxes for Birmingham City Schools and also for the city council election. Residents who live in District 1, 6 and 7 can place their absentee votes in City Hall on the third floor. Absentee voting lasts until October 3.