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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What are best ways to show support for breast cancer awareness?

Kelsey Beck: “Social media is huge and what anybody can do to give shout outs or post stories or victories that they have overcome breast cancer, or know someone who has . . . [that] can really inspire and motivate others who are going through the same situation to let them know to push through and have that endurance and motivation to . . . stay positive.”

Danielle Tate: “By donating to cancer research so more people cannot only get tested but receive treatment; and make sure that the women and men that are in your life get tested for it. Make sure [people] are aware of the symptoms and what could happen and what to expect . . . educate more and more people on breast cancer in general especially within this month of October.”

Kimberly Richardson: “Sharing information and using any experience that you may have had to support those who have been directly affected . . . Anything you can do to educate others particularly how it can affect black women… participating in walks and funding research activities to find a cure.”

Tamaria Yarbrough: “Wear your pink. There are breast cancer [awareness] walks . . . come out, show your support, make a sign, get your kids involved and love on someone that you know who is a breast cancer survivor or possibly going through breast cancer. The best way to show support is to take care of yourself and show your pink.”