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Compiled by Erica Wright
The Birmingham Times

We asked Birmingham area residents, If you had a blog or podcast, what would you discuss?

Nicole Burkhalter: “Mental health. I don’t think there is enough information for young people to deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and things like that, so I would definitely cover mental health in young adults.”

Dione Jordan-Hamilton: “I am a professor at Alabama A&M University in the area of reading so all things reading and reaching young black boys who have no desire or interest in reading. I would definitely have a podcast reaching out to parents, grandparents, anyone who is able to touch a life of a young black child, especially males.”

Hannah Chambley: “I write for a living so my favorite topics to cover are new openings such as restaurants or shops . . . and any story that I can talk to a person [for] a feature story or an interview, those are really fun [but] . . . probably  I would focus on reviewing new restaurants or shops opening and then having some cool people featured.”

Sharron Swain: “I actually write all of the time really positive and interesting stories about Birmingham, so my blog would definitely focus on that. I write about everything from is there going to be a new Amazon center in North Birmingham? to really cool openings or nonprofit events.”