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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, How would you like to be remembered?

Mollie Shealy: “As a caring person who gave back their time, money, someone who really invested in society and helped others. I think people that remember others as caring people have a lot of respect for them versus someone who doesn’t … I feel like people who care for others as well as themselves do well in life.”

Tony Portante: “As a good person, someone who was always willing to help people out and do the right thing. I want to leave behind a good family once I’m married and have children . . . I hope people remember me as being a family man and a good husband and father who left a family who loved me.”

Leshundia Porter: “As an affluent, very positive and motivated individual because I feel like I carry on that energy. I like to motivate and inspire people… I do vision board parties and like to get people to set goals and accomplish those goals.

Kelsey Schmitz: “As someone who is kind and compassionate and selfless and would sacrifice myself for others in need or those that I love . . . that is the way I live my life and I try to be helpful and kind to others so I would want people to remember me for the good.”