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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s your guilty pleasure?

Kim Nguyen: “Sleeping in and fried chicken. I feel bad about both. Whenever I decide to sleep in, I really [feel] like. . . I’m wasting time to get things done. On the chicken part, afterwards I just physically feel bad, like more sluggish, but it’s so good I can’t leave it alone.”

Blair Farley: “Pinterest. I have way more ideas pinned than I’ll actually ever do . . . I’m always on it at home, I’m always scrolling through it when I’m watching TV. I have a lot of recipes and crafts pinned that I have yet to do and will probably never do.”

Tracy Richey: “Happy Hour. It gives you the opportunity to drink on a discount and, socialize with friends; and it’s in the middle of the day so it makes me feel like I’m breaking the rules before I have to go home and be responsible. I probably go to a Happy Hour somewhere twice a week.”

Amber Carthen: “Lately it’s been vibing with my closest friends and trying new places in Birmingham. I’m a foodie, so just going and trying every restaurant that’s opened up. I tried the new place, McFly’s the other day . . . I try somewhere new probably every other day because I don’t cook much, so I try to go out and try something different.”