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Drew: Safety Tips When Attending Large Crowded Events

By Samuetta Hill Drew

Spring and summer are two popular seasons for various types of large events, both in and outdoors. It is also the season for three holidays where many large-scale activities/events occur – Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Many people plan their spring break or summer vacations around these large-scale activities/events. Some even make it an annual individual and/or family outing. Regardless of the type of large-scale activity/event it is, there are some safety measures you should consider and practice. With different large crowded events come different safety risks. Therefore, this article will highlight a few safety tips you should practice while having fun.

Preparedness is the first safety tip. Find out information about the activity/event and its location prior to attending. For instance, some large-scale events have high security protocols. Find out what is expected of attendees before you arrive. It’s also helpful to purchase a map of the area highlighting key locations surrounding it. This is especially important if the activity/event is not held in your hometown. New construction happens frequently, as well as businesses change types and names due to new ownerships and/or go out of business. Take the map with you just in case you must hurry and leave in an unexpected area.

Check the weather before attending the activity/event. If the temperatures are high, it’s important for you to stay hydrated. You will know if water bottles are permitted prior to arriving by being prepared. If water or cooling containers are not permitted, bring money to purchase water once inside. Remember alcohol consumption helps to dehydrate your body quicker.

Upon your arrival make sure you determine the exit point locations, especially the ones close to where you are. It’s also a good safety tip to find out where the first aid station is located, as well.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged beforehand. Make sure your children, if they are attending with you, know your cell number just in case you get separated. Wherever there are large crowds there are a large number of germs. Bring your small bottle of sanitizer in your purse or pocket.  Nothing substitutes for washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. Keep your hands away from your face.

Carry only your ID, cash and one credit card. Carry your important items in your front pockets. Tie a rubber band around your wallet to make it harder to steal. Also select a purse with several different zipper compartments with a strap that hangs across your body.

While Keeping an Eye on Safety at large crowded activities/events is important, it is equally as important you enjoy yourself by having loads of fun.