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Babypalooza’s New App Keeps Moms Connected and Informed

The Birmingham Times

Bronze Valley portfolio company, Babypalooza, is using their new app to help keep moms informed and connected. Having a trusted online community for support and information is more important than ever. Babypalooza known for its popular baby expos has been developing a digital platform to offer more support to moms and the businesses that provide products and services to moms for the last year. The latest edition of the app, available for download via Apple and Google, dropped just three weeks ago and the timing couldn’t have been better.

“Many businesses and moms rely on us to connect to one another”, says Cecilia Pearson, the Founder and CEO, “so having a platform where we can continue to do that virtually is very important”.

Babypalooza is a marketplace connected to a community of new and experienced parents to help equip you for your motherhood journey.

Through the app and the website, moms can come to a place they have trusted for the last 15 years and get information about how to navigate their family through COVID-19 such as tips on working from home with everyone there to grocery delivery services. And they can find and follow friends, join private mom groups, and even engage in challenges for points and prizes.

Babypalooza had baby expos that were planned for March through October but most of them have been rescheduled to start in July, however, they have a virtual baby expo to help moms continue to be able to find the businesses and products that they need. Many of the businesses that would exhibit at Babypalooza, now have a listing on the platform available online and through the app. They can post videos, coupons, and other information to help moms know how to continue to access their services and products together.

Since the launch of the app, Babypalooza has seen a 249 percent increase in traffic and connections. “We’re glad we knew there was a need for our moms to have more than a one-day event with us and started creating the app last year through Velocity Accelerator”, said Pearson, “now we look forward to seeing the virtual community grow so we can help our moms and they can help each other”.

The events may be quarantined but helping moms connect to resources and each other continues. Babypalooza Birmingham has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 8. You can find more details on the events and the app at Babypalooza.com.