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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, How do you connect with family and friends while in quarantine?

Tiffany Williams: “Usually through our cellphones. A lot of my family and friends text me, call [and] I try to call and text them twice a week to check on them and make sure they are okay. We use FaceTime a lot… my family lives in Mobile so I don’t see them that often already and this has made it a little bit harder but we’re adjusting.”

Linda Riles: “I have a group chat with some of my friends and family members so we communicate a lot [that way], I send a lot of emails as well. Before this, we would try to get together once a month and would probably talk once or twice a week but now we talk more frequently.”

Katie Baasen: “I’m doing a lot of Zoom meetings, my friends and I have a Zoom cocktail party every week. I make a lot of phone calls and send a lot of texts, emails and a lot of the regular electronic or digital forms of communication… my neighbors and I talk to each other from across the fence, it’s been interesting but it’s been a little difficult and not our normal world but hopefully changing soon.”

Kathryn Buchanan: “I’ve been using FaceTime a lot. I feel like that is one thing I haven’t been really utilizing before quarantine and something I realize I was taking for granted before and have been using a lot more. My extended family lives in Hoover and I live in Birmingham, so even though we’re pretty close in distance, we haven’t seen each other much so we’ve spent a lot of time on the phone.”