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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What is best for students in the fall, in person or remote classes?

LaNese Boyd: “I believe if you can practice the social distancing and if the staff at the schools are committed to making sure the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines are followed, some students may be comfortable in coming back to the classrooms. However, at the point we are now [seeing] more cases than less, then it is probably better that we all maintain a virtual classroom.”

Gilchrist Barnby: “I think its best that everyone consider the situation they are in. For example, large groups are probably not the best idea right now, so in-person might not be best. But if that is the route taken, I think there needs to be education on how to wear masks and gloves and other personal protection equipment and extra precautions.”

Debbi Clonts: “Return to in-person classes because parents are not trained to be teachers and as a person with a background in early childhood education, young kids learn in social situations and from peers. I think it is very important that they have that interaction with others because you learn more from them than you do a teacher . . . [parents] shouldn’t be responsible for their children’s education, we should.”

Tracey Alvey: “I think children should return to in-person learning in the fall [because] it is hard enough for parents without having the burden of educating their kids as well. Libraries are closed, some kids don’t have access to internet, so I believe it is better to have in-person instruction where they can have access to those resources and get to be around their peers and learn like how they are used to.”