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We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s something no longer around that you enjoyed while you were younger?

Travell Christion: “I definitely miss Saga and Atari, the video games. I would spend hours playing those games, they were so much fun. The Xbox and Play Station just doesn’t compare to those video games for me… I would play them every day, I would get up on the weekends and it would be the first thing I would play so if I could find those games, I would definitely get them because they were a huge part of my childhood.”

Rod Arrington: “The old Visionland. I know its Alabama Splash Adventure now but I miss when it was just plain Visionland and it had the water park side and the amusement park side. I would spend my summers going there, it would be the highlight of my summer because we always went at the end right before school started.

Jasmine Marsh: “I really miss the good cartoons that used to come on Cartoon Network like The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Tom and Jerry… I used to wake up on Saturday mornings and watch those cartoons all day… I just miss them because there is nothing really good on TV anymore.”

Deedee Lewis: “The Cosby Show. I think it was one of the shows that made me believe that I could be anything I wanted to be because Heathcliff (Huxtable) was a doctor and Claire (Huxtable) was a lawyer… for me, I would say I miss Black sitcoms that embrace family, character, success and things like that. We don’t have enough of those anymore.”