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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, Where is your happy place?

Andrea Mabry: “My house or in the woods. My house (in Mountain Brook) because I decorated it with things that mean a lot to me like pictures of family and friends and places I’ve been as well as souvenirs from trips… I think my house is really beautiful and comfortable and peaceful and where I can just be me . . . the woods because I really like to go hiking with my dog and not take a cell phone . . . and appreciate nature.”

Imani Elliott: “Most often with my family, if I can’t be with them then it’s with them in my mind, but it is most often at home with them. I have a six-month-old niece and she is really fun to play with and I love cuddling up in my parents bed sometimes in the morning… we love to watch TV together, play games, we crack jokes.”

Jeris Gaston: “On my back porch with a great glass of wine overlooking my garden. It is calming and after usually a long day, it is a great place of respite for me. I can sit out there and think and unwind and just have time for myself and enjoy the small things of life as well as enjoy the beauty of my garden and my backyard and nature.”

Tara Henderson: “Probably in the mountains and surrounded by lakes and being with friends and family by a big fire or near a fireplace with some good drinks and food. I love to go hiking, I go to Ruffner Mountain and all around there is really pretty but my family and I have property near North Carolina so my mind immediately goes there because we’ve made so many great memories there.”