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Compiled by Erica Wright

With a Sept. 30 deadline near, we asked Birmingham-area residents, Have you completed your 2020 Census?

Kaytlyn Carlson: “No, I have not filled it out yet. I am not an Alabama resident, or permanent resident, I’m from Florida and I moved here to attend dental school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham so I wasn’t sure if I should fill out the census for Alabama, but if it will be beneficial for me as a student to fill it out for the state . . . I plan on filling it out soon.”

Kurt Key: “My wife has filled it out as a household so I have been included in the Census. I’ve been looking into it and doing a lot of research and seeing the importance of it and I understand that it’s good to quantify who all is living in the state . . . and it will also determine how much we get in federal funds as well as our number of seats in Congress, which is very important.”

Deborah Davis: “I haven’t completed my Census form yet. I’ve been paranoid I guess, like other people thinking that it won’t matter if we do or don’t, but I know it matters in terms of getting funding and political seats and we [as a state] have been left behind on the census before and we don’t want that to happen again so, I’m going to go online and complete the form.”

Brass Bralley: “Yes, I have. It’s really important for everybody to fill out their census because a lot of our allocation for funds for programs and general funding for Birmingham and Alabama depend on everybody putting in their information about where they live, who they are, who is in their household and other general information.”