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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, How do you plan to observe Halloween this year in the midst of a pandemic?

Julie Armstrong: “I typically take my kids trick or treating in our neighborhood in Trussville but this year with COVID we won’t be able to do . . . so I’m going to set up their very own trick or treating at our house and they will be able to go from room to room and get candy and other treats just so they can experience the spirit of Halloween and I can create some fun for them.”

Alex Carter: “I haven’t really celebrated Halloween since I was a child as far as dressing up and wearing costumes and going trick or treating, but my friends and I would get together and have a small gathering even before COVID-19 so we’re going to try to get together with just five or six of us and celebrate together . . .  of course safely.”

Bree Scott: “Usually, my friends and I will go to a Halloween party but we’re trying to stay away from large groups. There are some haunted houses like Atrox [Factory in Leeds] that are open and have social distancing guidelines in place so this year we’re going to do that and just try to find some other fun activities.”

Erin Wright: “My church typically has a fall festival, we call it Harvest Festival and kids dress up and we do trunk or treating and have games, food, music and all of that but this year we’re thinking of a drive-by Harvest Festival . . . we’re trying to find a way to still engage our church members and the community where everybody can have a good time but safely.”