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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, If you had a podcast, what topic would you discuss?

Michael Larche: “I would definitely discuss architecture. I recently graduated from Tuskegee University with my degree in architecture and I think it’s so much people who are not in the field don’t know. It’s really fascinating working on building plans . . . so I think a podcast on architecture would be helpful for people when looking for homes or apartments as far as layout and design go.”

Jesslan Wilson: “I would discuss politics. I have a political background, I went to Jacksonville State University and got my bachelor’s degree in political science and got my master’s degree in public administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and I’m just a political junkie. I enjoy talking politics with different people and I think it’s a subject that people talk a lot about but don’t really know how it works.”

Kayla Forte: “I would talk about medical issues that are not really discussed in the world. Not COVID though… I’m a traveling nurse and I would want to talk about medical issues that people are not aware of … something that gets peoples mind off political issues.”

Amanda McCary: “I’m a new mom, so anything to do with babies and how to raise them or tips to help make life a little bit easier. My daughter, Charlotte is 10 weeks old and a lot of times people don’t tell you about postpartum depression and anxiety and I think that is a big thing I think people need to talk about… so I would definitely focus on new motherhood.”