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Drew: Being COVID Prepared for a Winter Storm 

By Samuetta Hill Drew

It was predicted earlier in the year by the experts in the field of medicine and science that the U.S. would experience a spike in its COVID-19 numbers when winter approaches. We are still in the fall season and we are seeing this prediction turn into reality with the COVID-19 numbers reaching all-time highs in parts of the country with citizens testing positive and hospital beds reaching capacity.
The flu season starts in the fall and with the continuing coronavirus COVID-19 the picture this winter appears complicated. It creates a health scenario of the perfect storm – flu and COVID-19. Herb Scribner with the U.S. World Magazine writes: “The world is preparing for a potentially bleak fall season, and soon after a dark winter where social gatherings might be limited and time spent outdoors will be few and far between.”
So, with winter coming in the middle of a pandemic and select countries around the globe already issuing new mandatory shutdowns, how does one prepare for a possible perfect storm – COVID-19 and the flu? Both are contagious respiratory illnesses and yes, you can contract both simultaneously. The safety steps below are important to maintain for one’s physical and mental safety and well-being.
Take the flu shot! Some may ask, “How important is it to get a flu shot this year?” Medical and scientific experts say very! Get with your doctor to arrange a flu shot or go to your local national pharmacy chains such as CVS or Walgreens. All these locations offer flu shots. Check with your doctor about a pneumonia shot, also especially if you are a senior citizen.
It is important to stay fit and active. Develop an exercise routine within your home. There are many exercise videos on cable channels. You may also want to try something new like weight training or something old like dancing. Listen to those favorite tunes and dance your heart away!
As you read earlier social distancing maybe limited, so find someone to talk with since you might not see others for a stretch of time. Platforms like Zoom, Teams, etc., are excellent for providing an almost in person experience.
This may be an excellent time to reconnect with people you have not seen in a while. I have heard of college friends having a social hour every other week, old childhood neighbors having virtual front porch chat hour, etc. Be creative! Find ways to spend time with friends both old and/or new.
Lastly, create a comfortable workspace at home. Many companies continue to practice social distancing by having a majority of their nonessential workers working from home. This may be an excellent time to start a new project by cleaning out a cluttered space and using it for work.
With such dire safety predictions, to safely survive winter 2020, you must Keep an Eye on Safety by being proactive with your health. Create home environments conducive to your physical and mental well-being.