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Where Birmingham-area voters split on presidential, senatorial races

Herman Walker, who lives in the Winewood community, voted at the North Birmingham Public Library. (Sydney Melson, The Birmingham Times)
By Sydney Melson
The Birmingham Times 

Like voters across the nation, residents in Jefferson County had strong feelings about the Democrat and Republicans for U.S. President and Alabama Senator in the 2020 General Election.

Herman Walker, who lives in the Winewood neighborhood of Birmingham, voted for Democrats Joe Biden for President and Doug Jones for Senator.

“We need justice reform and resources for the Black community. There’s no reason we should have homeless people in one of the most lucrative countries [in the world],” said Walker after voting at the North Birmingham Public Library.

Walker said he wants to see positive changes for Black people across the country. “With Biden . . . I hope he does something about police reform, making sure police abide by the rules, and balancing the playing field [for underserved communities].” 

A winner has yet to be declared in Biden’s race against President Trump while Jones lost his U.S. Senate seat to Republican Tommy Tuberville. 

Frank Duckett, a Hoover resident, said he voted straight ticket Republican. “That’s just a no-brainer for us,” Duckett said outside the Hoover Public Library with his family. “We care about the economy and following constitutional law.”

Duckett said President Trump and Tuberville are the best for protecting constitutional rights, such as a fetus’ right to life. “I hope they’ll eventually do away with Roe v. Wade [a Supreme Court case that ruled women have the right to abortion]. Eliminate violence, [bring back] law and order. That’s the primary thing,” Duckett said. 

John Thompson, a Vestavia Hills resident, said he voted for Tuberville and Trump, saying the President “has accomplished so many great things. He brought so many jobs to Americans and he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind,” Thompson said after voting at the Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church. Electing Republican officials in local, state and national elections is important to bring peace to the United States, he added. “If we want a strong economy and strong morals in our country we need to have leaders who believe in God, family values and the Constitution. That’s what [Trump and Tuberville] believe,” Thompson said. 

Anthony Millhouse, who lives in Titusville and voted at the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in southwest Birmingham, said he backed Democrats Joe Biden for president and Doug Jones for Senator.

Millhouse, a Vietnam veteran, said the country needed a change and he wanted health care to improve.

“I pay a lot for health care and the co-pays get a bit outrageous,” he said. “My wife isn’t even on my insurance.” He said Biden and Jones were best for the job because they are on the streets with everyday people and “listen to people’s problems. It’s gonna take more than four years for our problems to change but [Biden and Jones] care and want to put in the work,” he said.

Greg Magley, a Vestavia Hills resident also supported the Democrats. “I’m tired of seeing everyone so far apart,” said Magley, outside of the Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church. “[Biden and Jones] try to bring people together and not be so divisive. You might not agree with everyone, but we can be civil toward each other in our day-to-day lives.”

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