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Compiled by Erica Wright

If you were born today and looked back 20 years from now, what would you think of these times?


TREVOR BROOKS: “I’m a history buff so I think it would be cool to be born in such a time that will definitely go down in history from the pandemic to injustice to even the events that happened at the Capitol a few weeks ago, but it would just be hard to believe so much happened all at one time. I would just look back and wonder how people survived this moment and I think I’d admire them a lot for getting through it.”

MONICA BASWELL: “I think it’s pretty crazy because I can’t believe I’m even in this generation living through this . . . [looking back] 20 years from now, I just wouldn’t be able to believe that people actually lived through this with there being a global health crisis and all this civil unrest… I think I would just have a lot of respect for everyone who lived through this and made it through unscathed.”

MADISON BITTEN: “I would be very distraught just thinking about everything that’s going on as far as the health crisis and crime and the injustice . . . I honestly would not want to live here knowing what is going on. I think kids who are being born right now will learn about this in school and hear the stories and just be amazed at all that is happening.”

LYNN BROWN: “If I were born in the midst of all this and looked back, it would be a bit confusing to me because of how much has happened and continues to happen. These are definitely different times we are living in and it’s an adjustment for everyone, so I just couldn’t even imagine being born during all of this.”