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Miles College, #NOWINCLUDED Partner for Equity in Clinical Research Trials

Del Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Tiffany Jordan Whitlow, Chief Development Officer, Acclinate. (Jeff White Photo)

Miles College announced Tuesday a partnership with #NOWINCLUDED, powered by Acclinate, for equity in COVID-19 vaccinations and clinical research trials.

Acclinate is a trusted health care solutions provider integrating culture and technology to educate and engage diverse individuals to make informed decisions about genomic research and clinical trial participation.

“Essential to this partnership is the stark realization that the African American community has been historically omitted from significant consideration for clinical trials and research for cures to the most critical public health threats,” said Bobbie Knight, Miles College President. “Partnerships like Acclinate are vital to our institution, and we look forward to educating our students on the role they can play to mitigate the gulf between research and cure within the African American community.”

The purpose of the partnership is for students and faculty to make informed decisions around their health and act as ambassadors to their communities and families.

“Our partnership with Miles is right on target for what we’d like to see happening with minority students throughout the nation,” explains Acclinate co-founder, Tiffany Whitlow. “The sooner we can help them prioritize their health, the better their lives will be beyond college and well into adulthood. This will not only help them but also their future families.”

Acclinate co-founder Del Smith, a former HBCU business dean, said, “I know firsthand how interconnected issues of education and health are. President Knight is to be commended for her innovative thinking and associated action when it comes to bettering not only the education, but the health of her student population.”

#NOWINCLUDED will conduct bi-weekly virtual workshops and offer topics such as residential learning in living during COVID-19, building on-line learning communities, and maintaining academic and emotional health during COVID-19. Students, faculty, and staff will participate in a pre and post-survey to better understand their COVID-19 knowledge and current mental health.