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Compiled by Erica Wright

How would you handle a storm where you would be without water and electricity for days?

JARED WILLIAMS: “If I have a generator I can just pull it out and use it and then find bottles of water, find food and wash clothes or find a way to get fresh clothes. I would see if my neighbors need help and make sure they’re good along with everybody else.”

BONNIE GRAY: “I would make sure I had a generator beforehand and I had gas, even if I had to take it from my car. Since it’s so cold outside, I would take my food out of the fridge and probably put it in the snow to keep it cold and keep it from spoiling . . . and I would just try to stay inside as much as possible.”

JUDITH PAZ: “I’m not sure. I think a lot of people in Texas . . . were caught off guard but . . . I would stock up on water and if the electricity or heat is gone, I would maybe do a fire pit or and if I had like a propane grill that’s how I would cook my food.”

VIVIAN RAMSEY: “The big thing would be relying on my community so I would gather with other people, share resources when we can, if someone has one thing and split what you have with each other. . . it’s really important to come together and help those who don’t have the necessary resources.”