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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What advice would you give this year’s senior graduating class?

MEAGAN OATES: “I’m graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with my master’s degree, but I would tell them to pursue their dreams. You don’t have to go into the dream job right away, but you can work had to get there and make sure that you take time for yourself as well to rest and recharge.”

HILDA SMITH: “Stay focused, stay safe and keep your head to the sky. Remember your goals you want to accomplish and use that to help you focus; make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings and take care of your mental and physical well-being and no matter what happens, keep your head up and stay motivated.”

ANNA CARTER: “Enjoy your time, being fresh out of graduation can be kind of overwhelming but just trust the process and go from there. Things will work out how its supposed to and if there is an opportunity presented, take it and run with it because you never know where it will take you.”

ADELAIDE MATTE: “No matter which career path you choose, it all comes down to what makes you happy. If you are passionate about what you’re doing, then you can be happy. Also . . . I encourage graduates to accept failure and learn from those failures to be better people and better humans.”