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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, Should parents or individuals be comfortable returning to in-person classes this year?

BRIAN “VOICE PORTER” HAWKINS: “I am fairly comfortable with sending [his children] back to school mainly because of how the staff at his school has been. There are weekly COVID tests for all the teachers. And anytime anyone is suspected of being exposed they have a lot of precautions in place . . . but they will probably be virtual for a while, and then hybrid.”

HEATHER MARTIN: “I’m excited that school is actually going to be open, but I am feeling a little bit nervous with a new Delta variant happening and so I am hoping that we will be smart enough to have our kids still wear masks at school until things completely get better, but I’m happy that school is at least starting.”

JAMARCO BILLUTES: “My [six-year-old] daughter was in school last year…she did four days of the week. My son [a senior in high school] did virtual all last year. It was pretty smooth and they didn’t run into issues. But then this new Delta variant is going around… and things are going back up, I’m just really playing it by ear.”

TONIO RHINEHART: “I personally do not feel comfortable going back to school right now just because of the new Delta variant that is going on. It makes me feel a little bit better because vaccines are out and some people are getting them but I don’t feel all the way comfortable because not everyone is getting their vaccines and masks are optional in some areas.”