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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

SIERRA GRAY: “My mom’s side of the family hasn’t gotten together in a long time because of COVID… So, we’re doing a girls trip — my mom, my aunt, my cousins… all the girls. We are going to Georgia… We’re going to get shirts made that has all our names on it. So, I’m excited and looking forward to that..”

AISSATOU DIALLO: “I don’t really plan on doing anything except studying and maybe going to work. I braid hair and I just want to use this opportunity to relax after a few busy weeks. I might catch up on something that I have been kind of procrastinating on. I’ll see how I’m feeling more towards the time.”

KENDRA SANDERS: “I am originally from Kentucky and I’m gonna go up to there to visit my family and go help move my sister into her new house. She planned it specifically for Labor Day weekend probably because she knew she would be off.

REBECCA REMETICH: “I plan to do homework. I am a sophomore nursing student at The University of Alabama, and I am also a [teaching assistant] for anatomy, so I will most likely be dedicating my time to that. School just started back last week, and I am trying to start off on a good note.”