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Compiled By Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, what keeps you going through the tough times?

SUNNI GRABER: “I would say that I’m self-motivated because I’m very competitive, so I don’t like to quit or give up. It’s very important to me to know why I’m doing something and once I know why… I tend to stick with it . . . I normally tell people close to me what I’m doing [my goals] so that way if I do have some doubts, they can tell me…’well this is what you wanted’, and push me.”

JESUS MENDEZ: “My purpose which is to grow in this city and help out as many people as I can to become entrepreneurs. I’m originally from Mexico, but I’ve been raised in Birmingham since 1995. I get a lot of fulfillment and joy from creating a happy life for others, I want my coworkers and partners [at Unos Tacos in the Pizitz Food Hall] to succeed.”

DEMARCUS BLOXOM: “My kids for sure. I have an eight-year-old boy and eight-month-old daughter. I want to provide a better life for them where they can have no worries and happiness. The foundation that you lay now sets the base for their future and I need that to be solid.”

SHANIA JONES: “The big three … my mom, my family, and God. My mom has been with me since the beginning and raised me up into the woman I am today. My grandma’s prayers and her love that get me through…but none of it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for her my faith. The Lord ties all of that into a pretty bow as the best support system ever.”