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Jefferson County Offers Locations to Dispose of Thanksgiving Cooking Oil


 Jefferson County has 23 locations where residents can properly dispose of turkey frying oil this Thanksgiving by recycling it. 

 You can find centers listed online [click here]. There are 23 in Jefferson County, so simply drop by a center and get a free plastic gallon jug for grease or use one of your own. Once you have fried your turkey or other items, let the grease cool down. Once it has cooled, pour the used grease into the container and drop it back off at the center. And, pick up another container for the next time you need one. 

So far this year the county has collected 3,348 gallons of household grease. Recycling your household cooking grease helps prevent clogged pipes, and is better than dumping it on the ground, which attracts animals and can also wash into local creeks and streams.

Guidelines for household cooking oil and grease recycling:

  • Edible oil products ONLY (cooking oil or grease, no motor oil)
  • Allow oil to cool before pouring into container
  • Pick up one of our free containers (available at each location) or use your own with a sealed lid; NO GLASS!
  • No fuel or motor oil is accepted
  • Any questions about the recycling program, call 205-238-3876

Do you know about FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease). All these items left over from cooking at home and in restaurants can cause serious blockages in drainage systems. About 75 percent of all sewage blockages are caused by FOG. This cost Jefferson County hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in repairs. We maintain and operate more than 3,000 miles of sanitary sewer lines which serve approximately 480,000 users. Recycling household cooking oil can save everyone time and money.

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