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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham area residents to reflect on 2021 and tell us, What positive happened for you this year?

ARIEL SMITH: “I play volleyball at Cornerstone High School and now I have the opportunity to go to Oakwood University and play . . .I didn’t think that I was going to play volleyball anymore and then the opportunity just fell in my lap. I believe it was divine intervention.”

LINDSEY SISTRUNK: “My sister Katelyn is having a baby girl and she is naming after my dad, Harris. The baby girl’s name is going to be Addy Harrison. I’m super excited to be a first-time aunt.”

GLORIA THOMAS: “I was injured during volleyball season unexpectedly. I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to play at all, but I went to physical therapy and . . .I think it took about three weeks and I was back playing was able to win the championship [at Cornerstone High School] in October.”

COLEE SHEPP: “I’m a high school student at Lee Scott Academy [LSA] in Auburn. I won my soccer championship for LSA Varsity in April. I was super happy because we put in so much hard work and dedication and the results paid off.”