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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What was your most memorable Christmas gift as a child?

LAUREN JOHNSON: When I was 12, my dad gave me my first professional camera…a Canon EOS. That was the first camera I ever used to really take clean quality pictures. I credit the gift to sparking my own photography business that I own now, LJEnvisions LLC.”

MADISON COLEMAN: “When I was 16, my family got me a cocker spaniel and we named him Cody. It’s definitely my most memorable gift . . . He’s my best friend till this day and I feel like sometimes the spirit of my dog when I was younger live through him.”

CHRIS NAM: “I was born in Korea and moved to Australia when I was 7 due to my dad’s job as a professor. I was having a hard time adjusting to the move and my dad had gifted me with a Game Boy. It wasn’t just any Game Boy, it was one autographed by Santa Claus himself. At that age I thought it was the real deal.”

SAVANNAH MEREDITH: “When I was about 7, my mom bought me a crystal growing kit. It was my most memorable because I was really into rocks . . . and I spent about the whole year growing crystals. I still have those crystals till this day and could probably sell them somewhere if I wanted to they are really beautiful.”