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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s been the location of your most memorable Christmas?

AISLYNN THOMAS: “When I was 8, we spent Christmas in Irondale at my grandmother’s apartment. Me and my cousins slept in the living room because we were thinking we were going to see Santa pop from under the fireplace. Instead, I woke up to my grandma making coffee in her kitchen and a whole bunch presents.”

BRITTANI MCGINNIS: “Me and my family went to Lake Linear in Georgia when I was about 7 or 8. We were all on a boat with Christmas lights and it was a good time to be with my family. I cherish that memory because that was the last Christmas I would spend with grandfather who passed away the next year.”

LABRINA RILES: “My family and I went down to Destin, Florida about two years ago. It was memorable not just because we were in Destin, but my mom actually got to meet her dad for the first time, and they decided to make a trip out of it for Christmas and it was such a great experience seeing her and everyone so happy.”

RACHEL SMITH: “Christmas in Knoxville, Tennessee with my granny when I was six.  My family is really southern, so we spent Christmas on my granny’s ranch. It was really cool, her horses had on Christmas hats, and we rode them and all watched Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate.”