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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What traits did you get from your parents?

MJ ANDERSON: “Acting stubborn because that’s how my mother is, according to my grandmother. [Also my mom] is also a literal walking calculator and I graduated with a degree in finance from Spelman [College].”

MIA LOVETT: “I definitely got my mom Miranda’s looks. We look just alike, it’s like I’m her twin. I think I also have her sense of her humor, I’m able to laugh at myself sometimes because I see her do it.”

CARLA DEAN: “I got my dad’s toughness. He was definitely the protector of the family and I’m a big daddy’s girl, so I grew up being the one who protected . . . my younger brothers and sisters.”

JAIRAJ PATEL: “I would say I got my dad’s intelligence and wisdom . . . I would also say I received his patience because it’s very rare you see him upset…and I’m the same way.”