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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What supplies are most important for people displaced during unrest?

JUSTIN WOODS: “I think transportation . . . In order to get somewhere safer transportation is needed. I’ve seen where a lot of people have created their own transportation services to help . . .A good organization to look into is ActionAid USA.”

STACY BRASHER: “I believe the basics should be covered . . . Making sure [people] have food, water, and clothing. The Salvation Army specializes in that area. . . That would be my first place to donate to.”

TAMMI BROADUS: “Medical care is one I think is often overlooked when thinking about relief efforts. There’s been so many stories regarding pregnant women having their babies prematurely or people who have health conditions. I believe the Medical Corps is a good place to donate to for that.”

LIZETH GOMEZ: “Emergency housing is much needed because a lot of people have had to flee their own homes with nowhere to go.  World Vision is a non-profit people can donate to for further assistance to help people locate temporary shelter for the children and families.”